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Use of the Library - Rules of Conduct

  1. The facilities of the law Library are limited to patrons who are using the books and material of the library and shall not be used for any other business or activity or in lieu of an office for the practice of law.
  2. No loud talking or disorderly or offensive conduct calculated to disturb or inconvenience those using the library shall be permitted. Silence must be maintained in the reading areas and the stacks.
  3. No book shall have the pages folded, marked or otherwise soiled, defaced or injured. Any person violating this provision shall be liable for the replacement cost of the book plus $10.00.
  4. The scratching or marring or other defacing of the library quarters, its furniture or equipment is prohibited. Objects likely to damage furniture such as heavy briefcases shall not be placed on tables, chairs or other equipment.
  5. All briefcases, packages, and other containers capable of holding library books and materials must be opened for inspection upon leaving the library. Cases and packages may be left with the librarian upon entering the library if a patron does not want to have them opened for inspection. California Penal Code §490.5
  6. Library books and materials shall not be taken from the library accept under the conditions of the law library borrowing rules and only by authorized borrowers.
  7. Paging for incoming telephone calls is restricted to members of the Bench and Bar. Telephone calls are restricted to incoming calls only. The law library may limit paging when the number of calls is deemed excessive or paging is disruptive to others using the library.
  8. Coin-operated copying machines are located in the library. The machines operate with coin, currency ($1 or $5) or copy cards which may be purchased at the circulation desk.
  9. Computers, dictation equipment or other electrical/mechanical devices shall not be used except in the conference rooms.
  10. Use of the Justice George A. Hopper Room, B.E. Witkin Room or other library conference rooms are for reading the materials contained in the library, dictating in connection with the use of the library materials or extended research with the use of personal computers. Conferences or special meetings which have been arranged with the Librarian in advance are also permitted.
  11. NO smoking allowed.
  12. NO food or beverage shall be brought into or consumed in the library.
  13. The Law Library is not responsible for any article brought into or left in the library.

Any person violating these rules and regulations may be excluded from the library by the Librarian. Approved by the Board of Law Library Trustees 6-24-80 Amended 5-12-87, 6-23-87, 12-6-95 & 3-6-96

Borrowing Rules

  1. Persons who may borrow books and materials are:
    1. Judges of the State and Federal Courts.
    2. Members of the State or Federal Bar residing in and practicing law in the County of Fresno.
    3. Retired or inactive members of the State Bar in good standing and residing in Fresno County with petition to and upon the discretion and approval of the librarian or the Board of Trustees.
  2. Books and materials available for loan may include:
    1. Books and materials of a philosophical, historical or biographical character,  treatises, bound law reviews and periodicals, National Reporter Systems volumes and other such volumes as designated by the Librarian.
    2. Audio programs are available for a fee of $1.00 per item per day.
  3. Books and materials NOT loaned may include:
    1. Books marked with reference stickers.
    2. California primary authorities.
    3. Statutes, loose-leaf subscription services, digests, citators, advance sheets, unbound law reviews and periodicals.
  4. Period of Loan:
    1. The standard loan period for library books (unless noted below) is one week.
    2. Books designated 24 or 48 hours shall circulate for the noted period.
    3. Syllabi for recorded programs shall circulate for the same period of time as accompanying material, unless an earlier return is requested by the Librarian.
    4. Books due on a day the library is closed become due the next day the library is open.
    5. Library material may be renewed once if no request for the material is on file.
    6. Requested items will be held until 5 p.m. the day following notice of availability.
  5. Fines and Charges:
    1. A fine of fifty cents per day shall be charged to all borrowers for each overdue book or item with a seven day circulation period.
    2. A fine of one dollar per day shall be charged to all borrowers for each overdue book or item with a circulation period less than seven days.
    3. A $7.00 billing charge shall be added to any fine or fee not paid in full at the time overdue or audio/visual items are returned to the library.
    4. Overdue charges shall not be waived and may not be applied to the replacement cost of lost material. Overdue fines shall accumulate until the item is returned or declared lost by the patron who must convey this in writing to the Librarian.  In the event an item is found by a patron who has previously declared it lost, the date of the order for replacement shall be deemed the cutoff date, and the patron shall be charged the full amount for replacement of the item plus $10.00.
    5. The borrowing privileges of a person who fails to pay fines or fees within thirty days shall be automatically suspended until paid.  The borrowing privileges of a person who fails to return library materials within seven days of the mailing of the second overdue notice shall be automatically suspended until the material is returned and assessed fines or fees are paid.
    6. The Law Library Board of Trustees may adopt additional fees to cover the cost of special services.
  6. Any item borrowed from the Frank J. Creede, Jr. Public Law Library and not returned within three months of the date borrowed shall be declared lost by the Librarian. The borrower will be billed the replacement cost (including tax and shipping), a $10.00 processing fee and all overdue fines accruing to the date the item was declared lost.  The borrower is responsible for the cost whether or not the library replaces the item.
  7. The privileges of any person to use the Frank J. Creede, Jr. Public Law Library may be suspended, terminated or restricted by the Board of Law Library Trustees of Fresno County.

Approved by the Board of Law Library Trustees: 6-24-80
Amended: 5-12-87, 6-23-87 & 12-6-95

Internet Access Policy

The Internet enables the law library to provide access to a vast array of law-related information, ideas, commentary, and research tools beyond the confines of the print collection.  However, users are expected to use this resource in a responsible manner consistent with the educational and information purposes of this library.  The library staff reserves the right to review and revoke use for use outside the scope of this policy.

Internet access is available during regular operating hours of the library.  Basic instruction for use is available.

Time limits are established according to patron demand.  Patrons using a computer for thirty (30) minutes must yield to those waiting for computer use.

Information may be printed at a cost of $.15 per page.   Retrieve printed material at the circulation desk.  Patrons must pay for all pages printed.  Print Instructions can be found within the instructional binder located near the computer.  Please note printing instructions may vary slightly in different programs.  It is recommended you review the instructions prior to attempting any print job.

USERS SHALL NOT use the library computer system and Internet resource for any purpose that violates applicable U.S. or state laws. 

USERS SHALL NOT download software, executable files or databases to library computers or network disk drives.

USERS SHALL NOT use library computers in a manner that disrupts or interferes with network services.  This includes, but is not limited to: propagation of computer viruses; excessive use of printing resources (including printing of images); attempts to add, modify, or remove system software or other system elements; attempts to evade system security measures or network access rights; distribution of unsolicited advertising; harassment, libeling, or slandering of others.

USERS SHALL NOT use library computers to access chat or usenet.

USERS SHALL NOT use library internet stations to send, receive, or display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene by community standards.

Any person violating these rules and regulations may be excluded from the library by the Librarian.
CAVEAT: The Fresno County Law Library has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy.  Therefore, users are notified that they are responsible for the access points they reach.  Assessing accuracy and timeliness of information is the responsibility of the user.

Gift Policy

The Fresno County Public Law Library (library), since it’s founding, has benefited from gifts of materials.  The library welcomes gifts that fall within the scope of the collection development policy.  Of particular interest are current practice publications and scholarly or rare items with research value that are in good physical condition.

Gifts of Money
Funds for library acquisitions are always welcome.  Information on making contributions to the library, establishing endowment and naming opportunities may be obtained from the librarian.

Gifts of Materials
The library accepts gifts of materials with the understanding that, upon receipt, the library becomes the owner of the materials.  The library will use the materials to best serve the community, whether by addition to the library’s collection, donation to another institution, sale, trade, or recycling.  The library will not normally accept restricted donations.

No library collects everything, and every gift requires evaluation, sorting, comparing with the current collection, cataloging, and processing in some way.  For this reason, we carefully evaluate all potential gifts in order to expend the library’s resources wisely.  Large collections that are not suitable for the law library and that will take much work for little return may be refused.  The library will be glad to work with these donors to find more appropriate locations for their materials. 

Appraisals and Tax Information
Donors are required by the IRS to obtain their own evaluations.  As an interested party, the library is not allowed to provide appraisals or inventories.  The library will be glad to refer donors to qualified appraisers, and resources that may be used to establish prices of individual items are available at most libraries.  Of course, the library will acknowledge all gifts by letter.

Delivering Gifts of Materials
The law library will be glad to accept small gifts, not more than a small box full, in the librarian’s office.  Arrangements should be made for delivering large collections of materials.